Mike Hilton started ProActive Agriculture on a perceived need for change in the agriculture industry. In the 27 plus years since he has started ProActive Ag, he’s visited over 250 farms per summer. His education was developed by working with conventional farmers on seeds that they had purchased. Mike consistently saw a minuscule problem with seed and instead saw the opportunities beyond the seed. Many times he has seen severe compaction, sterile soil, disease and poor plant health. Very few times was it farmer error, for instance, planting depth, improper or lack of plant repair. Instead he learned to realize what needed to be done differently in the agriculture industry. 

In continuing his education with schooling, seminars, mentors, consulting meetings and reading hundreds of books, the best education tips by far were his summer trips to the farms. It was these trips that started his exploration into the world of soil and into the opportunities that farmers had to increase their profit and to keep their farm running.

Today, Mike continues to provide new aspects of agriculture to his customers as to what their keys to success are in their farming. His involvement has included organic, sustainable and natural farming. It might be the fact that economics has finally caught up or that the agriculture industry has destroyed enough soils that farmers want to do what they feel is right, but the time has arrived for the agriculture industry to flourish. ProActive Ag and their independent dealers can help you with any needs that you may have. If you don’t know the answer, we will find it for you. 

If organic farming is what you want to do, we can start you from transition to selling your product. Our conventional customers make up approximately 85% of our business. Conventional farmers can take the best of both worlds to make their farms the best that they can be. 

Keeping soil healthy is our #1 rule. We offer a wonderful soil test that is a must for you to be successful. We promise that we do not sell our products because we need to, but instead we make our products available as the tools to your farming success. Come and join us in the future of farming.