PRO GRO ORGANICS - Hydrolyzed Fish

The raw material source in Pro Grow Organics hydrolyzed fish is cape shark, which has a skeleton that is almost entirely cartilage (which helps build sugars that in turn helps protect plants from fungus and disease). That, combined with the way it is processed, translates into a fertilizer that is highly bioactive. In other words, “it goes to work on the soil and breaks down nutrients that are locked up in it. This gives our material a unique composting effect and bioactivity”. University studies prove the facts about Pro Gro Organics, such as: it contains nitrogen, phosphoric and potassium as well as vitamins and amino acids that promote growth; it is totally organic so it won’t burn plants or roots or pollute; is a compost enhancer that builds micro-organisms and makes the blooms of flowering plants more plentiful and longer lasting.