Over 40 years of working with customers makes me realize that there is "no absolute" in producing crops, growing grasses, plants and vegetables. We gather information from you to better enhance your profits. We offer many products that we feel are the best in the industry.


Our Products

Many of our products are proprietary blends. Each product is only used when it will work for you. Each product offers a unique set of opportunities.



Your needs are of the utmost important to ProActive Agriculture. Currently we have 520 active customers, 19 dealers, 95% conventional by acre, 5% organic/natural by acre, 90 organic & 20 natural farmers, many produce, golf courses, lawn services and horticulture experts.


It's About Balance

At ProActive Agriculture, we believe in balance, it’s important for agriculture and life. Our unique approach to sustainable farming provides you with the key to grow profits beyond those of conventional farming alone.



Before the USDA organic label existed, the term “organic” implied farming practices that not only restricted chemicals, synthetics and genetic engineering, but were also sustainable in the long-term.



Sustainability means choosing crops and fertilizers that are naturally well-suited for the local environment and not negatively impacting to the land.