Enhanced Coral Calcium

Calcium is regarded as one of the most important nutrients for abundant, healthy resilient crops. 1 lb of coral calcium is the equivalent of 500 lbs of ag lime.

Minerals from fossil coral: Small sea animal creates coral by ingesting the ionic ocean minerals and secreting them into a coral formation. This natural balance of 74 organic coral minerals are harvested from above sea coral deposits, crushed into an ultra-fine powder and packaged for use. Coral contains 34% to 38% calcium carbonate in a very porous, easily assimilated form. What makes the coral minerals so absorbable is the natural ability to become ionic upon contact with moisture. This natural ability to go ionic, combined with the full spectrum, organic formation, makes coral one of the most absorbable form of minerals.

Fossil Coral is coral that has been pushed up on land by natural processes and has not been exposed to sea water for many years. No living reefs are disturbed by the mining of fossil coral.

74 Minerals: The natural balance of all 74 minerals is important because each mineral requires other minerals to do its job and in turn, those minerals require different supporting minerals. All minerals must be present for any one mineral to work properly.

Sprayable powder: Our fossil coral minerals are supplied in 325 mesh particle size (44 microns) which is easily applied through a sprayer. While the material is applied as a foliar it will also be available for absorption through the roots of plants.


  • Flocculates the soil and adds oxygen

  • Effective for pH control and buffering of soils extremes high and low

  • Releases nutrients to the plant

  • Increases mineralization, plant health and over quality of crops for human and animal consumption

  • Provides over 70 essential nutrients for all growing plants

  • Remineralizes the soil, increases plants energy levels for higher quality and healthier plants

  • Helps all plants and turf stay healthier through stressful periods

  • Healthier soil reduces weed germination