Cropbiolife is a foliar spray that contains naturally occurring flavonoids that stimulate the biosynthetic pathway of the plants in your crop, improving their overall health. A healthier plant means better resistance to the elements and disease, better nutrient uptake, higher yields and many other benefits that vary by type of crop.

Benefits of using CropBiolife

  • Improves yields

  • Reduces disease pressure

  • Higher Brix levels

  • Improves soil biology

  • Healthy and more efficient root systems

  • Increases root exudates

  • Activates natural defense mechanisms

  • Reduces drought stress

  • Increases rate of photosynthesis

  • Balances plant hormone levels

  • Better fruit set

  • Improves health = better resistance to pests

  • Increases both proteins and minerals

  • Increases fat content in certain field crops

  • Improves color - Longer shelf life

  • Sweeter fruits and vegetables


How to apply cropbiolife

1.4 -2.0 oz per acre. Applied twice.

Spraying CropBiolife from early to mid growth shows the best results.