TKO PLUS is an all-natural OMRI Listed formulation that repels and suppresses parasites minimizing crop damage caused by insects. It is a special formulation of fermented sucrose, botanicals and complex carbohydrates that also increases plant energy by setting up a protective barrier enabling the plant to block parasitic insects without upsetting beneficial insects.

TKO PLUS promotes high Brix (sucrose), which also enables the plant to ward off pests and insects by influencing the plant's metabolism and immune system (phyto-defense). 

TKO PLUS can be used with other soil and foliar-applied products for more balanced integrated pest management programs. Compatibility tests are recommended.

TKO PLUS is manufactured from EPA exempt, food-grade materials that control insects. When used as recommended TKO PLUS is harmless to animals, trees, crops and ground water and is certified organic.


Typical Analysis

Cold Processed, Fermented Botanical Extracts of Garlic and essential oils



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